Basefit Lighting track lighting system

1-track system

Track lighting system, brings more flexibility and freedom for the lighting design requirement. With the effective assistance of light tracks, when the room interior or function changes, luminaires in different shapes and with different photometric characteristics can easily be replaced on the track, without redesigning and reconstructing the ceiling and wall. Moreover, luminaires can easily be added and moved on the lighting track according to specific lighting design requirements. Basefit lighting track lighting system offers more intelligent options for different circumstances.

Track system connectors

2-1-twisted L connector



Basefit Lighting does not only provide lighting tracks, but the track lighting system as a whole. To provide the most suitable application, Basefit lighting apply the top-class tracks system in the world, including the 3 circuit track, DALI track etc., and create amazing track lighting system.

Basefit Lighting provide different track system to meet different customer requirement.

Wires(1-circuit) track system (Halo system)-surface mounted track system

4-3wire HOLA track

Wires(1-circuit) track system (Halo system)-Recessed track system

5-3wire HOLA recessed track

Wires(3-circuit) track system -surface mounted track system

6-4wire track

Wires(3-circuit) track system -Recessed track system

7-4wire track recessed

Basefit Lighting 4wire 3 circuits track is universal compatible. It will work with the following brand track accessories:

8-other brand track

Powerful 3 circuit DALI tracks
Grouping control on track lights
Basefit lighting track lights apply 3 circuit track, which has three independent switchable circuits. Track lights can be connected into different circuit by adjusting the adaptor. Every track light can be connected to one circuit only at the same time, thus all the lights on the lighting track are divided into three groups.
3-circuit DALI track system –Surface mounted track system

9-DALI track

3-circuit DALI track system -Recessed track system

10-DALI track recessed

Mountable Monopoint
More flexible application
When the space is limited and not suitable for using normal size tracks, monopoint is a wonderful choice, which has two installation modes: recessed mounting and surface mounting, and can provide more flexible and quick application.

11-monopoint track

Basefit Lighting provide a broad range of components, like suspension components, recessed components, etc., in order to fit in different lighting requirements. All these components are carefully designed, and have passed strict mechanics and aging tests, which enables the realization of easy assembly and stability. Some components have CE UL TUV ENEC certifications.

12-track system-2